Transform your community one neighbor, one relationship at a time.

Give your congregation insights into the missional life of Jesus with these sermon starters.

Jesus was a missionary sent by God to transform the world. Everything he says and does in the Bible can help us become faithful servants who pursue lives of missional living and giving.

Provide your small groups or Sunday school classes with four 1-hour powerful and interactive sessions, each focusing on a compelling, relevant topic of living missionally.

Each session features a deep Bible connection, an engaging experience and questions designed to draw group members into thoughtful discussion and bring them closer to each other, God and their neighbors.

Use these inspirational stories to motivate your congregation to love where they live.

A Missional Mindset: Going Where God Sends You

Overview: For many years, Ann Hatcher tried to deny her missionary calling. She chose to stay instead of go. Then God changed her heart and sent her to the Lincoln County Jail.

A Posture of Sentness: Reba and Jordan’s Story

Overview: When you’re willing to assume a posture of sentness, God can use you in mighty ways. Because of the Pen Friends ministry, Reba Seals engaged in a relationship with an incarcerated young woman that changed both their lives.

A Missional Imagination: Maggie’s Landing

Overview: Faye Fuqua challenged conventional thinking and decided the best way to engage people far from the church was to build relationships with them at a local karaoke bar. By joining God where he was already at work, Faye has become a beacon of love, hope and acceptance at Maggie’s Landing.

Field of Friends

Overview: A softball league developed for children and adults with special needs brings together a community focused on loving God and others.

Seeing God’s Possibilities

Overview: Joe Mowdy’s workplace is his mission field. Discover how God used him to offer hope and healing to LaToria, a single mom with two kids.